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Coming back to your responsibilities is easier with a cup of tea

Summer is almost gone, the alarm rings earlier and most of us do not feel comfortable returning to work and the routine we had forgotten during the holidays. While the summer months inspire a variety of positive emotions, September is associated with cooler weather and a workday full of pressure and stressful tasks. Naturavita knows how to make it easier to survive the well-known “August Blues”.


Chamomile tea has long been known as an extremely soothing beverage, and you have heard at least once that it will help you sleep more easily. We are often robbed of sleep when time is short for the everyday tasks that we do not manage to finish during working hours, which is why mornings find us feeling listless, grumpy and often with a headache.

Change that bad habit and drink a cup of Naturavita Chamomile Tea before bedtime, which will relax your thoughts and digestive muscles.


One of the fruits that can immediately remind you of autumn is pomegranate. Pomegranate tea is your best friend throughout the day as you successfully master every task.

Pomegranate has a particularly beneficial effect on blood pressure, and its consumption is associated with improvement of the overall cardiovascular system. Pomegranate successfully combats fatigue and exhaustion and lends you strength for enough productivity to make you feel much better for the rest of the day.


You have slept well, and feel rested and lively. The only thing you are missing is a little mood booster to brighten up every day for you and your colleagues. With its cheerful color and pleasant aroma, Naturavita forest fruit tea enlivens your mood, and invigorates, refreshes and relaxes you. Plus, it’s packed with vitamin C, which protects your eyes and vision, so if your job involves staring at a screen, keep a cup of forest fruit tea on your desk.


Remember to take some five-minute breaks during the weekdays, breathe in some fresh air, freshen up your thoughts and enjoy a cup of Naturavita tea.

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“There is no problem on Earth that cannot be tempered by a hot bath and a cup of tea.”

Jasper Fforde, British writer


Tea protects the whiteness of teeth

Adding a few drops of milk to your tea prevents unattractive spots from forming on your teeth. Only one drop of milk in tea can be more effective than whitening toothpaste.

Perfect tea depends on the water temperature

The ideal temperature for steeping tea depends on the type of tea you are preparing. When preparing tea, always heat the water in a teapot. While heating it in a microwave oven may seem practical and efficient, it is impossible to achieve the ideal water temperature for steeping tea.

Regulate the amount of caffeine in your cup of tea

If you want more caffeine in your cup, steep the tea bag or leaves in hot water for a longer period of time. If you want to eliminate up to 80% of caffeine, first steep the tea briefly, and then pour fresh boiling water over it again.

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