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How to freshen up during the summer heat

The sun, a long-awaited sojourn beside the murmuring waves and a lovely tan – these are just some of the reasons why we are so eager for the summer to arrive. But it is important to keep in mind that too much heat is not at all harmless when our health is concerned. Naturavita offers several tips to properly and successfully freshen up during the summer heat.


Stay in an enclosed, naturally cooled space that the rays of the sun cannot reach during the day. Cool the area naturally in the early morning or through the night. Parks and forests are an excellent choice, and as you become refreshed naturally while resting in the open air, the outdoors will have a beneficial effect on your mind.

Do not expose your skin to excessive UV radiation, as it may have serious negative consequences. Linen clothing is ideal for summer, and sunbathing is recommended only in the morning and afternoon hours.


Avoid salty, oily and hard-to-digest foods that additionally burden your body when it already has to struggle against high temperatures with all its might. Aside from that, such foods will make you feel sluggish and apathetic. Consume foods rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals, as well as hydrating foods such as soups, fruits and vegetables.


Do not try to trick your body with unhealthy drinks that will seem to quench your thirst, like carbonated juices, juices with too much sugar and alcohol.

Apart from large quantities of water, Naturavita advises you to prepare cold tea daily with lemon, ice and natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or stevia. Cool off and cheer up your body healthy and naturally.


čajnik / teapot čajnik / teapot

“As our exterior is cleaned with water, so tea cleanses us within.”

Chinese saying


Tea protects the whiteness of teeth

Adding a few drops of milk to your tea prevents unattractive spots from forming on your teeth. Only one drop of milk in tea can be more effective than whitening toothpaste.

Perfect tea depends on the water temperature

The ideal temperature for steeping tea depends on the type of tea you are preparing. When preparing tea, always heat the water in a teapot. While heating it in a microwave oven may seem practical and efficient, it is impossible to achieve the ideal water temperature for steeping tea.

Regulate the amount of caffeine in your cup of tea

If you want more caffeine in your cup, steep the tea bag or leaves in hot water for a longer period of time. If you want to eliminate up to 80% of caffeine, first steep the tea briefly, and then pour fresh boiling water over it again.

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